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Currently there are 87

Color/Finish     6 or 7Options           Build Date   Notes         
Ball Family Reserve
Trans Black  6Loaded7/5/2007
Bahama Blue Burst  7Loaded7/13/2007
Walnut Burst  6Loaded12/20/2007
Emerald Burst  6Loaded4/4/2008
Tobacco Burst  6Loaded7/9/2008
Amethyst Burst  6Loaded6/4/2008
Ruby Red Burst  6Loaded2/18/2009  Baritone
Koa Tobacco Burst  6Loaded3/24/2009
Dargie Delight II Ltd  7Loaded9/21/2009
Barolo JPX  6Loaded4/9/2010
Bahama Blue  6Loaded6/15/2010GC 46th Anniversary
California Sunset  6Loaded6/2/2008*see notes below
Figured Walnut  6Loaded6/2/2008*see notes below
Vintage Sunburst  6Loaded6/4/2008*see notes below
Spalted Island Burst  6 Loaded11/19/2009**see notes below
Mystic Dream  6Loaded10/2/2010Roasted Neck  ***
Turquiose Pearl  6Loaded12/3/2010Roasted Neck
Black Sugar JPX  7Loaded3/24/2011Roasted Neck
Original Model
Black Fire  6Loaded?/?/2000Prototype 
Mystic Dream  6 Loaded6/6/20011st 100
Mystic Dream  6Loaded6/8/20011st 100
Pearl Redburst  6Loaded6/12/20011st 100
White Sparkle  6Inlay/Match6/12/20011st 100
Mystic Dream  6Inlay/Match6/15/20011st 100
Mystic Dream  7 Loaded6/15/20011st 100
Mystic Dream  7Loaded6/26/20011st 100
Blue Dawn  6Loaded7/17/2001
Copper Flake  6Inlay/Match7/19/2001Repainted
Pearl Redburst  6Piezo/Match8/10/2001
Pearl Redburst  6Loaded8/15/2001
Las Vegas Gold  7Loaded10/9/2001
Gunsmoke  7Loaded10/31/2001
Silver Sparkle  6Inlay/Match11/1/2001
Mystic Dream  6Match11/21/2001My 1st Pet
Silver Sparkle  6Inlay12/5/2001
Gold Sparkle  61/10/2002
Autumn Redburst  6Inlay/Match1/23/2002
Autumn Redrise  6Piezo3/5/2002
Gold Sparkle  6Loaded4/10/2002
Stratus Blue  7Loaded5/10/2002
Candy Red  6Loaded5/24/2002
Autumn Redrise  6Loaded6/5/2002
Autumn Redburst  6Inlay/Match8/13/2002
Black Sparkle  7Loaded11/4/2002
Blue Dawn  6Loaded11/7/2002
Red Sparkle  7Loaded11/12/2002
Gremlin Green  6Loaded11/16/2002
Glacier Blue  6Piezo/Match11/19/2002
Midnight Blue  7Loaded11/22/2002
Burnt Apple  7Piezo/Match12/3/2002
White Sparkle  6Loaded12/26/2002
Blue Pearl  6Match1/3/2003
Blue Pearl  6Loaded1/9/2003
Carbon Blue Pearl  7Match4/22/2003
Desert Gold  6Loaded5/21/2003
Sapphire Black  6Piezo/Inlay1/2/2004Owned by Petrucci
  6 Loaded4/9/2004
Egyptian Smoke  6Loaded5/18/2004
Radiance Red Ltd  7Loaded8/11/2004Black Headstock
Envy Green Ltd  6Loaded10/1/2004Black Headstock
Graphite Pearl  6Loaded2/10/2005
Medallion Gold  7Loaded3/5/2005
ButterCream Ltd  6Loaded3/9/2005
Rolls Burgundy  6Loaded6/7/2005
Lava Pearl  6Loaded6/9/2005
Medallion Gold  6Loaded10/25/2005
Teal Pearl  7Loaded1/9/2006
White  6Piezo/Match1/19/2006
Black Ltd.  6Loaded7/13/2006Gold Hardware
Dargie Delight Ltd  6Loaded3/13/2007
Dargie Delight Ltd  7Loaded3/23/2007
Blue Dawn Ltd  7Loaded7/23/2007
Radiance Red  6Loaded7/30/2007
Mystic Dream  6Piezo/Match10/16/2007
Carbon Blue Pearl  6Loaded11/6/2008
Sequoia Gold Ltd  7Loaded8/7/2008Gold Hardware
Sterling Silver  7Loaded8/3/2009
Ice Blue  6Loaded8/21/2009
Olive Gold  7Loaded8/28/2009
Dargie Delight II  7Loaded10/20/2009
Dargie Delight II  6Loaded10/28/2009
Cabernet Pearl  6Loaded1/20/2010
Electric Blue  6Loaded1/27/2010
Orange Firemist  6Loaded1/29/2010
True Gold  6Loaded2/2/2010
Stealth Black  6Loaded7/13/2010
White Pearl  6Piezo/Match7/15/2010

* These BFR's are 3 of 4 special, one of a kind, Pets created by EBMM for a John Petrucci clinic at a Guitar Center in Manhatten, NY the summer of 2008.  For specs on each, see the Ball Family Reserve page.
**This BFR was 1 of 3 special Pets created by EBMM for a JP clinic at a Guitar Center in Boston, MA the winter of 2009.  For specs see Ball Family Reserve page.                          ***One-off made for 2010 Dallas Guitar show.