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On these pages you will find what I believe is the most extensive collection of Ernie Ball/Music Man (EBMM) John Petrucci Models (Pets) under one roof.  Now, I don't have a Pet in each color/finish, but I'm workin' on it, just give me some time.

Okay, 2012 is here. I guess it's time for another evolution of the JPX! Last year it was the JPXI, and this year it's the  JP12. I guess EBMM is dropping the Roman Numerals, ha! Last year didn't go so well for the collection, I think I only added 2. I still have to grab me one of them JPXI's, I'm slipping! No new colors on the original Pet so far, maybe we'll see some at Summer NAMM.

New for 2011 is the latest evolution of the JPX, the JPXI. Specs will be available on new JPXI page. Also 2 new colors for the regular ole Pet model.

 Along with pics of my collection you will also find alot of info about the model itself along with some other interesting, lesser known tidbits (you'll see, just take a look inside).

*As a disclaimer I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated with Ernie Ball/Music Man nor is this site endorsed by EBMM, I'm just a guy who likes this guitar, alot.

Oh, and no, none of these guitars are for sale.