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Ball Family Reserve
Pearl/Metallic Finishes
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Okay, before we get to options you have to decided if you are a righty or a lefty, 'cause as of 2009, the Pet goes both ways.  Then you gotta decide on how many strings you want, 6 or 7.


The Pet model has three options you can take or leave when ordering.  They are:     

Matching Headstock vs. Natural                       
John Petrucci Custom Bullet Inlays vs. Dot Inlays
Piezo Bridge

A Pet with all three options is "Fully Loaded."  BFR's and the JPX come fully loaded as standard.


Over the years since the model's debut in 2001, it has been available in many finishes, alot of these finishes are now discontinued, but you will find them here. Here is a list of finishes offered on the EBMM Petrucci model:

Solid Colors
SparklesBall Family  Reserve        
Mystic DreamBlack Sparkle*Bahama Blue Burst
Pearl RedburstWhite Sparkle*Trans Black
Black  Silver Sparkle*   Walnut Burst**
WhiteRed Sparkle*Emerald Burst**
Las Vegas Gold*Gold Sparkle*Tobacco Burst**
Gunsmoke*Blue Dawn Sparkle*Ruby Red Burst
Blue PearlBurnt Apple Sparkle*Amethyst Burst**
Candy RedGremlin Green Sparkle*Cherry Burst
Carbon Blue Pearl*Glacier Blue Sparkle*Koa
Teal Pearl*Midnight Blue Sparkle*Bahama Blue ***
Lava Pearl*Stratus Blue Sparkle*
Graphite Pearl**Autumn Red Sparkle*JPX
Sapphire BlackAutumn Redrise Sparkle*Barolo
Egyptian Smoke**
Dessert Gold*Onyx
Rolls Burgundy*Limited EditionsJP12
Medallion Gold*Cherry Sugar
Radiance Red*2004 Envy Green
Orange Fire Mist**2004 Radiance Red
Olive Gold**2005 Buttercream
White Pearl2006 Black Roasted Neck LTD
Sterling Silver2007 Blue Dawn Sparkle
Electric Blue**2007 Dargie Delight Black Sugar
Ice Blue**2008 Sequoia Gold Turquoise Pearl ***
True Gold**2009 Dargie Delight II
Cabernet Pearl**
Stealth Black
Tangerine Pearl
Sky Blue


(**)-Discontinued as of 10/15/09

(***) Guitar Center Limited Runs