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Nothing fancy here, just a cool photo album, enjoy!

Oh, if you're wondering what the deal is with the bridge pickup, here's the story: The Pet, when first introduced, had a DiMarzio bridge pickup that was very similar to their Steve's Special.  Back in, I believe it was around April of 2006, any new Pet came out of the factory with the DiMarzio D-Sonic pickup in the bridge position.  Why?  'Cause Mr. Petrucci started using that pickup several months earlier. What I'm sure of, is, that at the Winter NAMM show (1/2006), the change was officially announced and all the Pet models ordered after NAMM 2006 had the D-Sonic installed.

Yet another pickup change!  All Pets that ship after 6/26/2009 will have a DiMarzio LiquiFire in the neck position and a DiMarzio Crunch Lab at the bridge.