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In 2010 EBMM announced a special limited run of Roasted maple neck Guitars and Basses. According the EBMM announcement:

"Performance benefits of a thermally modified microstructure: Adds dimensional stability and resistance to temperature and humidity changes Increases resistance to warping Reduces density while maintaining stiffness for a lighter neck with sufficient strength Yields a microstructure similar to naturally aged woods with lower moisture content More resonance and less damping Eliminates the need for hazardous chemical treatments Vibrational testing indicates that roasted maple exhibits clearer tone with a stronger fundamental than untreated maple samples Package includes: Roasted figured neck Black Sugar finish Ebony fretboard BFR inlay * Available on all models except the Classic Series and Floyd Rose equiped guitars" (copied from news section of EBMM website)

Mystic Dream One-Off, thanks Kieth!

MD Neck


Turquoise Pearl 6 GC Exclusive

TP Neck

TP Heastock

Black Sugar JPX 7

BS Neck

BS Heastock