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These are my favorites.  All sparkle finishes were discontinued by EBMM back in 2003.  I started seriously collecting Pets after they were discontinued so I had to search high and low for these babies.  Some were easy to find like White and Black, but Stratus Blue Sparkle, Gremlin Green??  Sheesh!

What Happened to Them?

Here's a quote from Sterling Ball on why the sparkle line was discontinued:

"Lets start with sparkle. We got into sparkle because Dweezil Zappa wanted an Albert Lee in a baby blue sparkle with an 80's baby blue mirror pick guard. We then made a pink sparkle for Lisa Loeb, and then a gold sparkle for Blues Sarasceno. It was our big push at that winters NAMM show (2002). Guitar Centers buyer went wild for them but NOBODY else did foreign or domestic. I wished I listened to my good friend Paul Reed Smith when I showed him to them . He said "WOW, these are fantastic sparkles, Let me know if they work cause I couldn't give them away when I tried them." We blew our wad at the NAMM show and the Guitar Center buyer was replaced, I had to write a big check to Guitar Center to clear the sparkles out so they could buy good selling stuff. Do you think that we don't make sparkles to punish a few forumites? No we don't make them because the general public doesn't want them and we lost our ass when we did make them. I hope that puts this one to bed."